Alley Cats:  the Meowsical
Singing in a beautiful tenor and acting with razor focus, Jorgensen makes this uptight guy as charming as can be.
-Colin Thomas, The Georgia Straight
Peter Jorgensen is the closest thing Vancouver's got to Matthew Broderick
as far as I'm concerned.
-Ian Alexander Martin, The Boards
Jorgensen is entertainingly theatrical and literally out hams the principals in the
"To Hold This Love" number in the second act.
-Joseph Planto,
Simon (Jorgensen) in the opening of Alley Cats
Photo by David Cooper

Tad (Rex Harrington), Felicia (Cailin Stadnyk) and Simon rock out in
To Hold This Love.
Photo by David Cooper
big: the musical
In terms of charm, Peter Jorgensen is right up there with Tom Hanks. He’s a gifted singin’, dancin’ guy. His graceful muscularity makes me think of him as Vancouver’s blond Gene Kelly, but he’s a much more skilled vocalist than Kelly ever was. And his acting here is first-rate: I totally bought the character’s enthusiasm and vulnerability, which are both key.
-Colin Thomas, The Georgia Straight
Peter Jorgensen, starring as big Josh, has the charm and comic chops, a relaxed elasticity and all the moves. He’s a pleasure to watch
-Jerry Wasserman, The Province
It's pure bliss when Jorgensen emerges from the billowing smoke and gives big its focus. Jorgensen is one of those rarities. He sings fabulously, dances superbly and he can act.
-Jo Ledingham, The Vancouver Courier
Josh (Jorgensen) celebrates being 'big' in the Act I Finale Cross the Line. 
Photo by Tim Matheson
Jorgensen and Lucas Testini (Little Josh) in a promo photo.
Photo by Tim Matheson

To Broadway and Back

In Peter's one-man-show he spun 17 Broadway songs into a story of loss and love. It brought him a Jessie nomination for Outstanding Original Script. Check out some of the clips below!

Peter Jorgensen | Broadway
Promotional photo taken by Katey Wright.

Bye Bye Birdie

This Footlight Theatre production won Peter the first annual Ovation Award for Outstanding Direction of a Musical and a CTC Award
for Outstanding Choreography.

Peter Jorgensen | Bye Bye Birdie
Hugo (Brett Trach) and Kim (Amber Grae Coe) in the Act I Finale.
Photo by Jim McAdie
 Peter Jorgensen | Bye Bye Birdie
The Sweet Apple Teens in   Telephone Hour
Photo by Jim McAdie


Peter joined an amazing cast that included Patti Allan, Dean Paul Gibson, and Allan Morgan in this Bard on the Beach production directed by Katrina Dunn (Touchstone Theatre)

Peter Jorgensen | Cymbeline
Posthumus (Peter Jorgensen) says farewell to Imogen (Moya O'Connell)
Photo by David Blue

Dames at Sea

Peter's performance in this Arts Club Theatre production moved Georgia Straight critic Colin Thomas to note, "Peter Jorgensen's Dick is particularly appealing." Peter joined an all-star cast that included Debbie Timuss, Colleen Winton, Lelani Marrell, Dan Costain, and BC Entertainment Hall of Famers Denis Simpson and Jim Hibbard.

Peter Jorgensen | DAmes
Dick (Peter) catches a famished Ruby (Debbie Timuss) in Dames at Sea
Photo by Andree Lanthier
Peter Jorgensen | Dames
Dick (Peter) catches a rejuvenated Ruby (Timuss) in the big Finale
Photo by Andree Lanthier

Dial M....for Murder

This Arts Club production toured around the lower mainland before spending the summer at the Stanley Theatre. Again an excellent cast that included Bernard Cuffling, and Allan Gray as the scheming Tony Wendice.

Peter Jorgensen
The Inspector (Bernard Cuffling) unravels the mystery as Max (Jorgensen) and Margot (Melissa Poll) look on.

Dirty Blonde

This outstanding Belfry/Arts Club Theatre co-production had Peter playing a multitude of roles garnering such praise from the critics as:

"Actor Peter Jorgensen wears a multitude of hats, all of them with zest."
-Jo Ledingham, Vancouver Courier

"Jorgensen… keeps a close connection with the audience through his confident glance, delicious singing voice, and his quick and precise dance steps."
-Irina Tanasescu, The Peak

“Jorgensen runs the actor’s gamut of Jack-of-all-trades, showcasing talents as young stud, old has-been, flaming gay friend and tap dancing dupe.”
-Sarah Petrescu, The Martlet

Peter Jorgensen | Dirty Blonde
Mae West (Nicola Cavendish) bounces Frankie Wallace (Peter) out of her life.
Photo by Tim Matheson
Peter Jorgensen | Dirty Blonde
Two drag queens (Allan Morgan and Peter) teach Mae (Cavendish) how to strut her stuff.

Forever Plaid

Frankie (Jorgensen), Jinx (Matt Palmer), Sparky (Sanders Whiting), and Smudge (Ryan Silverman replaced by Bruce Thompson) took this production to the Gateway Theatre, the Arts Club Theatre and on tour all over British Columbia crooning the guy group hits of the 50s. Their performance won them a Jessie Award for Outstanding Ensemble Performance.

Peter Jorgensen | Plaid
The Plaids sing their way into Heaven with Love is A Many Splendored Thing.
Photo by David Cooper
Peter Jorgensen | Bye Bye Birdie
The Plaids pay tribute to The Ed Sullivan Show
Photographer Unknown

Into the Woods

The cast of this Uncle Randy production included Susan Anderson (who recently played Mamma Rose in Gypsy), Janet Gigliotti (currently starring in the Toronto production of Mamma Mia), and Peter's high school drama teacher Bill Broughton (pictured).

Peter Jorgensen | Into the Woods
Jack (Peter) and Cinderella's Father (Bill Broughton) backstage.
Photographer Unknown

It's a Wonderful Life

Peter and his co-star Heather Redmond both received Jessie Nominations for Outstanding Performance in Carousel Theatre's production of this musical adaptation of the movie classic It's A Wonderful Life.

Peter Jorgensen | Wonderful Life
Peter Jorgensen as George Bailey in a promotional photo for It's A Wonderful Life
Photo unkown

Lend Me a Tenor

This Gateway Theatre production of Lend Me a Tenor had an all-star cast that included David Marr, Todd Talbot, Alexander Ferguson, and Beatrice Zeilinger. It garnered Jessie nominations for Best Production and Best Director (Dean Paul Gibson).

The Bellhop (Jorgensen) is tackled by Saunders (David Marr), Maggie (Luisa Jojik), and Julia (Patti Allan)
The Music Man

This Royal City Musical Theatre production of the outstanding classic musical, directed by Lloyd Nicholson, won Peter such praise from the critics as:

“Peter Jorgensen nails the role of Harold Hill."
-Peter Birnie, The Vancouver Sun

"Peter Jorgensen is simply terrific, bringing great energy, a warm voice, and lithe movement to the character"
-Jerry Wasserman, Vancouver Plays

"Peter Jorgensen, who plays Hill, exudes a masculine, Gene Kelly kind of charm, and is a gifted dancer.”
-Colin Thomas, The Georgia Straight
Peter Jorgensen | The Music Man
Harold Hill (Jorgensen) and Marian (Elizabeth Marie West) in a promotional photo for The Music Man
Photo by David Cooper
No Great Mischief


She Loves Me

Not only did this fantasic Arts Club production garner awards for Best Director (Morris Panych) and Best Production (Arts Club Theatre), it also brought together the Jessie Nominated performances of Peter Jorgensen and Katey Wright - whose on stage romance blossomed into an every day romance. They are now happily married with a pup named Tug.

Peter Jorgensen | She Loves Me
Georg (Jorgensen) starts to take a liking to Amalia (Katey Wright) in She Loves Me
Photo by David Cooper
Peter Jorgensen | She Loves Me
Georg (Jorgensen) can't figure out why She Loves Me
Photo by David Cooper
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